Transport Management System


Robust Transportation Management Software Built for Today’s Global Supply Chain


Order Management

  • checkAdhoc quote managment
  • checkOmni channel Order Creation
  • checkShipper Platform
  • checkCreate Load from all integrated channels
  • checkBatch order upload and geocode function
  • checkSingle And Multiple Load Consolidation Into single Shipment
  • checkBooking parameters
  • checkCommodity & inventory managment
  • checkInter- Branch Transfer shipment

Planning, Scheduling & Execution

  • checkManual and automated load planning and dispatching
  • checkOn demand strategic order/load planning changes and execution
  • checkDynamically create and compare plans and its metrics
  • checkRoute optimisation for fast, cost effective, multiple stops and intermodal transportation of goods
  • checkRoute parameters
  • checkContinuous auto dispatch
  • checkCapacity monitoring

Monitoring & Visibility

  • checkShipment status updates
  • checkPosition based ETA's
  • checkPredictive ETA's
  • checkLive monitoring & fleet tracking
  • checkRoute progress and deviation
  • checkSMS & email settings
  • checkShipment delay notifications
  • checkLoad status and tracking info

Billing & Rate Management

  • checkVirtual Credit Facility
  • checkInvoicing
  • checkMultiple freight rate settings with various rate types
  • checkSetup different rates for one each client,or all clients separately
  • checkAuto rate acceptance for your client if contract rate is set up
  • checkSurcharge, insurance, discounts settings
  • checkSpot rate
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Freight & Load Documentation

  • checkProof of delivery
  • checkTripsheet
  • checkManifest
  • checkUpload multiple docs within each shipment and its available within cross system
  • checkAdditional: BOL, delivery note
  • checkAll documents are system generated, branded, customisable template.

KPI & Reporting Analytics

  • checkHistorical analytics.
  • checkPerformance metrics
  • checkFinancial health overview for stakeholders
  • checkPlanned vs actual metrics
  • checkReview all KPI’s within a single consolidated view
  • checkRun & export reports for all supply chain ops
  • checkView daily, weekly, monthly published plans & Route metrics
  • checkSingle view of all orders and load status
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Intermodal Transportation & Inventory Management

  • checkAdditional Modules:
  • checkInventory management:
  • checkManage inbound and outbound stock, Integrate with WMS Driver mobile SDK with scanning.
  • checkIntermodal Transportation:
  • checkStraight pooling Shipment consolidation and aggregation Continous planning and dispatch Plan first mile bulk shipment from origin to multi hubs to end customers Dynamic first and last mile delivery planning
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Carrier Selection & Tendering

  • checkManual and automated load planning and dispatching
  • checkManage all carriers/couriers in a centralised platform
  • checkDispatch single or multiple carriers
  • checkCompare shipping rates and select carriers as per preferences
  • checkMatching loads with correct carriers thought preferences
  • checkTender loads and manage quotes and acceptance.

Rest API’s

  • checkDocumentation
  • checkToken Management
  • checkOmni Channel Integration
  • checkFrieght Rest API’s, integrate with leading ERP, WMS or OMS system
  • checkCarrier integration & Driver management
  • checkUser roles, permission & token configuration
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  • checkWidely supports the LTL, trunk, city distribution and other transport modes of various logistics enterprises, and applies smart scheduling, business collaboration, in-transit monitoring, visual tracking, and other means during transportation, making logistics and transportation management more efficient
  • checkControl tower with visual tracking & actual fleet metrics
  • checkTraffic data
  • checkStatus updates to all synchronized applications
  • checkReduce overall transportation costs
  • checkIncrease asset utilization
  • checkGain supply chain visibility across all regions and facilities
  • checkCentralize information to improve workflows and lower administrative costs