Courier, Express and Parcel

Managing pick-ups and deliveries with optimal supply chain visibility, provides frictionless experience to your customers and their receivers perfect solution for your last mile distribution and infrastructure

Retails & FMCG

From first mile to last mile – gain granular visibility through highly customizable white labelled end to end TMS changing retail industry through intelligent supply chain optimization


A recent Report indicates that parcel shipments will rise at a rate of 17% to 21% each year between 2017 and 2021. By 2020, same-day delivery will account for up to 50% increase in logistics costs as a percentage of revenue. Hence, companies are now looking for every opportunity to keep the increasing shipping costs in check, such that overall service quality is not compromised. Fastvan TMS Brings you Integrated Planning and Execution, Multiple Branch Operations, Load Planning & Dynamic Route Optimization, Supply Chain Visibility, Fleet Management and Improved Cash Flow Through Reduction in Transportation Costs.


Financial sectors can simply organize their carriers and plan their deliveries, have complete visibility in operations while providing real time tracking to their customers


Fastvan delivers a greater saas based technology upgrade in logistics, supply chain and distribution to automate last mile delivery in E-Commerce


Effective Logistics Management of a Product is as Important as Manufacturing it and Quality Control Fastvan TMS is the key to streamline the operations within manufacturing to eliminate bottlenecks and boost efficiency, Reducing Freight Spend. This System is able to provide savings by Automation and Optimization


The pharmaceutical industry has been one of the best-performing industries of the past decades with pharma companies excelling in many disciplines (research and development, manufacturing, sales and marketing) while maintaining the highest safety and quality standards. As a result, both sales and profits have risen more than in most other industries

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