From first mile to last mile – gain granular visibility through highly customisable white labelled End To End TMS changing retail industry through intelligent supply chain optimisation. From Store distribution, Inbound logistics, home delivery, small parcel shipping, Fastvan covers it all.

Manufacturing and Distribution

Effective Transport Management of a product is as important as manufacturing it and quality control, Fastvan TMS is the key to streamline the operations within manufacturing to eliminate bottlenecks and boost efficiency, reducing freight spend. Our system is able to provide savings by automation and optimisation. Fastvan’s comprehensive offering of cloud-based logistics and supply chain management solutions allows manufacturers and distributors to quickly get to the new levels of performance they seek.

Transportation and Logistics

Freight forwarders, carriers, courier’s rely on Fastvan to plan, manage and execute freight transportation, truckload (TL), less-than-truckload (LTL), parcel, intermodal, last-mile. Fastvan’s ability to handle complex routing means freight forwarders can confidently provide a true door-to-door delivery with efficiency and precision. From tendering loads to carriers, to tracking those loads and providing visibility to customers, to advanced invoice settlement, Fastvan gives logistic’s companies the power to make the complex simple.


Distributors require an exceptional level of transportation planning and execution. They have to keep costs to a minimum while being agile enough to respond to marketplace shifts as they occur. This means real-time data and controls, along with the ability to optimise on the fly. That’s why so many of the leading wholesale distributors run their transportation management on Fastvan


Fastvan delivers a greater SaaS based technology upgrade in logistics, supply chain and distribution to automate last mile delivery in E-commerce. Seamlessly integrate Fastvan with your e-commerce website - Shopify, Magento , WooCommerce or your B2B/B2C trade store.


Fastvan TMS brings you integrated planning and execution, multiple branch operations, load planning & dynamic route optimisation, supply chain visibility, fleet management and improved cash flow through reduction in transportation costs.


Value added services, international and domestic shipment management, business analytics. Control your network of customers, vendors and carriers, gain visibility & proactive exception management in your transportation network.


Highly customised to multiple business parameters and constraints, multi-modal transportation to improve bulk chemical supply chain management, plan and execute dangerous and hazardous goods to correct fleet schedule.