IntelLigent logistics and fulfilment Orchestration

Ai Driven logistics management platform optimises inbound and outbound logistics operations used by some of the leading brands to automate their fulfilment by optimising their entire logistics operations and planning all shipments from origin to destination maintaining a centralised view, real time visibility and drastically reduce shipment cost in the process

Empowering the World’s Leading Brands

Orchestrate & Optimise Inbound
and Outbound Shipments

  • Simplifies the process of planning and managing deliveries & collections in single and multi-depot operations with auto assigment, real-time driver tracking, electronic proof of delivery
  • Plan and consolidate intermodal shipments using multimodal
    transportation from first mile through to last mile.

Automated AI Driven Dynamic
Route Planning & Optimisation

  • Plan, optimise and manage delivery & collection routes taking into account locations, traffic, total route times, vehicle capabilities and many more factors, further cut shipping costs by scheduling and arranging shipments in the most efficient sets, maximising your load consolidation.
  • Multi-drop. Multi-depots. Trips over multiple days. Milk runs. Trucking between depots and cross docking, optimising all your logistical challenges.
  • Minimize empty miles and reduce fuel cost through dynamic routing which determines the most cost-efficient routes.

Real Time Shipment Visibility, Predictions and Events

  • Automated two-way communication by email, SMS and Web-app means everyone has access to the right information on each delivery at the right time.
  • Delivery slots, order information, updated ETAs & order tracking keeps everyone informed at every step of the process.
  • Alerts and event notifications

Streamline Omni Channel Same and Next Day Order Fulfilment

  • Omni channel demand and structured delivery schedules, provides faster and cheaper cost of shipping by matching ordering and fulfilment centres based on where the delivery addresses are located.
  • Determine freight capacity quickly.
  • Automate pickup and delivery scheduling for shipments inbound between vendors and shippers, or outbound between the shipper and the shipper’s customers.

Global Carriers Network

  • Access to large network of global carriers enabling enterprises to offer advanced shipping options and rate comparison on an international scale without needing to build their own logistics network.
  • Will automatically determine which carrier and which mode option will make the most sense for each delivery, thus improving your procurement process.
  • Automated load tender

Business analytics and
performance enhanced

  • Visual scheduling allows you to get a bird’s eye view of your dispatching needs and improve your planning. You’ll be able to make better assignments and reduce deadhead miles.
  • Analytics to deliver secure and easy access to your data so you can gain insight into your operations, giving you the ability to make decisions on demand by reviewing what tasks requires attention and which shipments legs will impact the next.
  • Cross Docking overview, reporting and statuses of shipments across the entire supply chain.



From first mile to last mile – gain granular
visibility through highly customisable white labelled
End To End TMS changing retail industry through
intelligent supply chain optimisation.

Scale Your Delivery Operations


Manage all inbound & outbound Shipments

Plan and execute all modes of transport

Multi carrier selection and tender process

Global visibility

Create shipments

Rate comparison

Tracking and status updates

Alerts and shipping labels

Sync your E-commerce platform account

Access to all shipment methods “LTL/FTL/Parcel” globally

Android and IOS

Routes are dispatched to drivers or Carriers Preplan routes

Sequence of stops

On demand order adjustments/editing

Sequence of stops

On demand order adjustments/editing

Custom notification and alerts

Real time visibility on all shipments

When order is dispatched and when driver is within a selected mile radius, end user receives automated notification with exact delivery slot scheduled, with a real time tracking link, which automatically updates real time ETA’s